Saturday, 18 October 2008

Is Stubhub Legit

This, my friends, is a man with his cock out wearing a spongebob costume.

Lovefest is an 'electronic music' festival held in the city's Union Square. To americans, any music which doesn't have a guitar in it or a rapper is just called 'electronic'.

A shitload of people went to this.

As well as Trouserless Spongebob freaks and old men wearing nothing but shoes and a dog collar (seriously), members of the finer sex also shed clothing. Which was nice.

To be honest, this float 'Solid Gold Jacuzzi' was the best float there. They had girls dancing on the top and played the best music. Hence the following pictures and videos being mostly around this one.

Squirrel Man.

A bit of walk though the middle.

This bloke was doing what I can only describe as 'crippled experimental dancing' on top of the dj booth. He was rocking the booth and the monitor speaker was swaying back and forth, respect to the dj for ploughing on through.


That guy doing the roly-poly somehow opened a big can of worms. From the floor being reserved for people who actually had skills, people then started just jumping in to do any old shit. Was funny the first time, but then the dancefloor got taken over by them, the drunk woman in a turqoise top in the background in particular.

Then, the gayest thing I have EVER seen started to pan out. The lame dancers and a snooty gay dancer in a pink top started having a dance-off. I only captured the end, lame:

The guy in the pink top started getting really pissed off and began pushing people off the dancefloor.
An argument breaks loose. Then a tussle. Then the pink-top gay dancer guy KNOCKS TO THE FUCKING GROUND some old hippy lady. Everyone goes 'Ooooooooooooh' in unison.
Major free love vibe killer.

Anyway, it started getting dark and I went back to the 'Solid Gold Jacuzzi' float. The thing about San Francisco is that it can get really hot during the day, but when the sun goes down the temperature can get perishing. I was only wearing a t-shirt so was hopping and dancing to keep warm. Good music though!

Big shout out to James, partner in crime for the day, well safe brere from Orange County.

After Lovefest, me and James went to a Dubstep underground warehouse afterparty run by the fearless promoter Kozee, who I've become friends with. Headhunter, Noah D, DJG, and Babylon System were the highlights. No security, no smoking ban, no rules. In fact, the warehouse was somebody's abode, so big up to them for hosting a clubnight in their kitchen and living room.

DJG - did the best set of the night in my opinion.

Noah D with Babylon System



Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fresher than the morning snow!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Full steam ahead. In October this fine city is playing host to three of the biggest, most hyped artists on the scene. Plastician is at Dub Disco on Thursday 9th, followed by Toddla T at Beats in Abundance on the 16th, then our Skream is gracing Get Low again on the 23rd. All three are performing at Po Na Na. It's gonna be a good month.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Get Low was a lot, big thankyou's to everyone who made it in and got low. Biggest shout goes to Oneman and Asbo who smashed it as predicted, played an extended set and jumped on at the end with Skepta and surprise guest Jammer. Pics will be up soon done by the brilliant Andrea Lestrange.
Jack xx