Thursday, 24 December 2009

Is Stubhub Legit

As many of you know, we have a regularly updated Facebook fan page.

I post tunes that I'm feeling, keeping an ear to the ground in underground music.

So without further ado, these are our most recent recommendations.....


Eyes down business on the remix from Breakage.

Banger from Goth Trad. Long time coming, but now out on Disfigured Dubz.

Loving Spectrasoul at the minute.

This is one of my favourite tunes in D&B. Bassline's a beaut.

Whaaaaaaay-oh! Fat tune.

You know that bit in 'Migraine Skank' where the beat switches, and people go nuts?

It's this tune.


Hot Garage tip from Breakage.

Kode 9 funky tip.

Some Sunday afternoon relaxing tunes right now. Martyn's a don.

Neighbourhood remix by Logistics. Been repping the original from DAY!

Dash has found his new tune to finish sets with.


Brand spanking new Skream tune, again forthcoming off the new album.

From compilation "5 years of Hyperdub".

Lovely tune.

Completely left field, but a banging minimal tune from Icicle. Please recommend similar artists/songs; I love this malarky.

Merry Christmas!