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KOZEE : EXCLUSIVE interview & mix!

In the first of many, we have an exclusive mix and interview from gyal like KOZEE.

Kozee hails from San Francisco, California. I met her and became friends whilst I was living in San Francisco. Besides DJing and producing, she also runs a staple Dubstep night in San Francisco called . If you're ever over there, it's well worth checking out.

Here's our interview with Kozee exclusively for Get Lower.

Get Low: You remember how we first met? It was at the night at Matador [a club in SF]. I probably made a poor first impression; not about drunkenly mc'ing on the mic over Noah D!

Kozee: Haha yea you were pretty wasted but I enjoyed chatting with you!

GL: First things first, when and how did you first hear Dubstep and what about it made you lock on?

K: When? It was 2005. Didn’t lock on until a few months after I heard it, took a bit of time, I liked Grime a lot more at that point.

GL: Is it only recently that you've been on a production tip? You collaborated with DZ for the track '' which got banged out by , and even . Big up getting such a response on your first track!
K: Thank you! Yea it’s funny how it happened cos I didn’t like the tune very much, but when we played it out people went mental and then the feeling grew on me.

GL: You've worked with on more than a few tracks. Why is that, what is it like, and what do you like about producing with him? Does his style compliment yours, or does he play more of a mentor role?

K: We do work together, he is my boyfriend and we live together so it’s just what we do. I love working with him because I trust him, and I love his sound, he is very diverse! A lot of you know his sound, and like I said he is very diverse and he is a huge mentor but we have been able to mesh styles very well we do complement each other.

GL: Are you first and foremost a promoter? Was your Redline / Makeout sessions clubnights one of the first Dubstep nights in SF?

K: No, I am first and foremost a DJ. No, Grime City was the first; my respect goes out to them! Redline has been very successful and I am very proud to be a part of that!

GL: You're very established as a Dubstep DJ in SF. How'd you describe your DJ sets? You dance a bit too behind the decks which is entertaining to watch.

K: HAHA! You gotta have fun and show that you love what you do! My sets are dependent on the time I play, I love being diverse and love that Dubstep is so diverse aswell.

GL: I'll get this out of the way. You're part of a strong female presence within Dubstep, with the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Ikonika, Kito, Vaccine, & Ultraviolet. In terms of crowds, I went to Croydub the other week and it looked like a nearly 50/50 male : female ratio.
Is it just over analysis bollocks or do you think there's something inherently attractive or accessible about Dubstep (or more so than other genres) to a) promoters, producers etc such as yourself within the scene and b) to females generally? Obviously you're the spokesperson to your entire gender!
K: Yes, there seems to be a more ‘open arms’ feeling towards women, I appreciate that feeling. Women I think find the music very sexy and it def shows because you really feel sub bass in the lower areas which gets to more ‘bumpin & grinding’ … never a bad thing!
Also, can I just say that because of Dubstep I have met some of the MOST amazing women I have ever met throughout my life, it’s such a great thing!

GL: Over here we've got huge venues like Fabric & Matter repping it, Dubstep on the main and pirate radio stations, and the ubiquitousness of anthems such as Skream's La Roux remix in mainstream clubs, (plus a top 10 position on the national music chart with 'Night' by Benga & Coki).
With Rihannia hopping on Dubstep, you seeing a change in mood amongst your fellow country-people? Are people noticing that you might be on to something, as it were?
K: Shoot, I wish Rhianna would holler! Minds and Ideas are def changing here, I mean look at the collabs. Loads of hip hop mcs are teaming with producers, it’s a good look IF it’s done right… I’m all for it!

GL: Let's talk about Dubstep in San Francisco. It took me by surprise the strength of the scene there.

K: I love this city! Honestly, there has to be something in the water, people are so damn creative and have huge hearts! …And shit keeps blowing up bigger. Really proud that we are on the map.

GL: You reckon SF dubstep has a particular flavor that defines it from other regions?

K: It's very diverse but I think we def have that dubby vibe on lock.

GL: Loefah said Dubstep is the new underground hip hop in LA (but probably applicable to the rest of California and the US). What do you think?

K: Eh, maybe. Not much thought on that.

GL: once told me that said to him how nice it was hanging out with Dubstep djs as they all seemed to be mates with each other, especially as he felt that all Drum & Bass djs seem to hate each other behind each others backs! Why do you think that is?

K: Lol no comment

GL: I definitely felt the friendliness with you lot. You especially, safe for taking me under your wing!

K: Yea man it’s all about welcoming people!

GL: Any info or peeps you want to shout out?

K: Yea my Sugarloaf EP drops Feb 2nd, it’s a digital release on Badman Digital. I'm in the States until September then I’ll be in UK and Europe touring for a few weeks, should be good! Shouts to DZ, UV, Sam Supa, Konnect (the man that gets shit done!), and the Redline, Goldsweat, Brapdem!, Grime City, Rukkaz, Mallabel, Big Up & Surefire fam.


Exclusive to Get Low, Kozee whipped up a mix purely featuring forthcoming tunes from herself.



DZ & Kozee feat. Werd2Jah – Spit Fyre – Badman Digital
Kozee – Sugarloaf – Badman Digital
Kozee feat. DZ – Loe Jak - Badman Digital
DZ & Kozee – Sex & Cookies - Badman Digital
Kozee feat. DZ – Gloria forthcoming Hot n Heavy Recordings
DZ & Kozee – Crack VIP - Dub

It's a cracking mix, and a great insight to West Coast Dubstep too. Well worth a listen (or three).
The Garden Rave last Friday was amazing as always. Despite the rain, we still hit maximum capacity for another incredible night. Photos coming shortly.

Gonna be huge!
- Get Low Cartel Xx