Friday, 5 February 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Mr Penfold is having an Art Exhibition - 'Samebridge'

Our residential artist Mr Penfold is a badman. I spied his art on a Hospital Records flyer for their night Hospitality in the flyer blitz when you walk out of Fabric at 5am in the morning. In fact, I specifically went up to that one promoter and asked for a few more as they were so sick.

From that, he's been doing our flyers and posters for 2 years now since the very first one. They splatter many a living room and bedroom in Norwich, and we think set us apart from every other clubnight in the city.

He's having an exhibition in Cambridge called 'Samebridge' from the 25th February at The Frontroom.

Here's the official speil:

Amid the bicycle ridden streets of Cambridge Mr Penfold lurks. Observing characters, then re-creating them on walls and canvas’.

Using strong linear elements against organic outlines with an overly scientific approach to colour, Penfold works with record labels, promoters and clothing companies and has also appeared in a range of magazines such as Graphotism, K Mag and Don’t Panic!

Penfold is one of Cambridge’s hidden gems.


Putting his perfectionist skills to good use (and his trusted colour wheel), Mr Penfold intends to make The Frontroom hum with lines of clashimentary colour.

Amongst the lines, characters will be loitering with intent, interacting with the undeviating forms and generally enjoying their stay.