Friday, 5 February 2010

Is Stubhub Legit


No it isn't a joke. Starring Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas, Shank is set to be THE urban-youth-knife crime-gritty-kitchen sink-grime cameo rich film of 2010. Saying that, it looks good. I have heard that Bashy's acting is good enough to warrant the starring role and the camera work seems to accurately capture a squalid, near-primal London full of wild teens running amok. I think the decision to set it in 2015 is jumping the gun a bit though. Are things gonna be this bad in 5 years? Children of Men, set in 2029, worked perfectly to create a hellish dystopian vision that was an all too believable projection of the near future.

Adam Deacon inevitably plays a part, further typecasting himself as a 2-bit British actor who cant handle roles outside of gritty urban drama's marketed for the yoof of today, which isn't true. He clearly has talent, but needs to push himself with different projects. Saying that, Dubplate Drama: The Movie is in pre-production....