Monday, 22 March 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Hot Chip: I Feel Better

Off the new album "One Life Stand", this is a superb pop song with knowing and extremely timely echoes of UK Funky.

This video is particularly a bloggers dream as it has been directed by Peter Serafanowicz. The star of his own self-titled sketch show featuring the cult comic sketch Brian Butterfield, cuntish housemate in Shaun of The Dead ("the door is open again!") and all-round comedic genius, Serafanowicz has outdone himself with this video. Utterly bonkers and pleasingly left-field, Hot Chip and Serafanowicz seem like the perfect match.

As I mentioned earlier, there is an unmistakeable soca tinged, funky rhythm to this single, which isn't a surprise as Joel Goddard, perhaps the principal producer within the group, is a big fan of Garage and Dubstep, and cites Sticky, Jameson and Skream as big influences. "I Feel Better" is crying out for a club-friendly remix, one that emphasises its dancefloor quality.  Any takers?