Saturday, 27 March 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

I rate Douster, me.

I was the first to play this tune out in Norwich at the , and it's spread like wildfire throughout the city of N-town since.

Here's the version I've been playing out.  It's a bit more cleaned up and DJ friendly than the original in the youtube video, but gets the job done like Leon on a killing spree.

Anyway, he's recently gone an done a VIP for alls youz.  Bit more mental, yet to road-test it on the dancefloor.  I'll report back, but in the mean time, go check it:

Here's some other Douster remixes I've been feeling a lot.  "" is pretty much the "" of the Dubstep world, so big respect for even going near it!

The original track 'Woo Boost' by Rusko is rather uninspired, but Douster actually makes a pretty banging electro track out of it.  Recommended.

(btw, all these tracks are sourced from the gleaming white whales of the limitless pool of mp3 blogs out there, so big up , , and .  All mega sick blogs).