Friday, 26 March 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Pipedown Clubnight 02

First things first.

Second of all, they're putting on a night next week, and it looks pretty swish.

Here's the lowdown:

Pipedown returns to The Rhythm Factory for their second night. With them they are bringing the Keysound Recordings crew, a label that has put out some of the finest dubstep, garage and grime music over recent years. 
Label heads  take charge of proceedings carrying on where their debut album Margins Music and monthly sets on Rinse left off, seeing them DJ is the only way to hear their new tunes. The enigmatic crew LHF are Keysound's hottest new signing and sound like "Sun Ra's hijacked Rinse FM and is using it to communicate with the heavens." Then there's techno meets swung house from  whose Statis (G Mix) found it's way into the record boxes of heads like Benji B, Mary Anne Hobbs, Kode9, Ben UFO and more.

Bundled with proceedings is a cheeky mix from that enigmatic LHF crew.

I ain't a master with the lyrical wordplay see, so I'll let the silver-tongued folks at describe it far more elequently than I ever will.

"Essentially the selection is a gentle marriage of dubstep, garage and lo-fi sentiment. It's full of delightful contradictions: erratic and yet soothing; downbeat yet uplifting. And, ultimately, weird and wonderful. The mix essentially goes for something sublime, stringing together jagged bursts of bass and sporadic, stripped back injections of jungle. It's woozy tribal elements, that clang, echoe and shimmer, at times give it an ethereal feel. Captivating."

Fair enough.

No Fixed Abode – Sirius Nanotech
Double Helix – TSR-1
Low Density Matter – Blue Steel (Forthcoming Keysound)
Double Helix – Shadows of the City
Amen Ra – Song For Auset (feat. Double Helix and No Fixed Abode)
No Fixed Abode – Indian Street Slang
Double Helix – An Eastern Philosophy
Amen Ra- Fragments Of A Love Story
Amen Ra – Final Chapter
Catta – Fourth Motion (Double Helix Remix) (Forthcoming Dubsquare)
Amen Ra – Unbroken Chain
Double Helix – The Chains
No Fixed Abode – Strangelands
Amen Ra – One Way Ticket