Monday, 22 March 2010

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The Return of Ms Dynamite

Here's a piece I did for my UTR blog, which ties in nicely with Get Low's movements in the coming months. Hold tight for reveals on some of our nights featuring Ms Dynamite very soon.

The return of Ms Dynamite

2010 looks set to be a stellar year for UK Urban music, crystallised by the return of several legendary artists of the 90’s and early millennium. Keen to re-acquaint themselves with the vibrant and lucrative club scene bursting out of UK cities, artists such as EZ, Sticky, MJ Cole and Zed Bias have been busy re-assembling their classic tunes into bass heavy stompers capable of competing for dance floor love alongside the weighty productions currently favoured by the countries top DJ’s. However, it is the re-emergence of the legendary Ms Dynamite that has set pulses racing amongst clubbers, promoters and journalists alike.

After years spent in a post-garage hiatus raising a family, Ms Dynamite has returned armed with collaborations with cutting edge producers that have been only too happy to give a leg up to such an established artist. There was “Get Low”, produced by Rinse FM and FWD magnate Geeneus which built a fevered following last summer due to its irresistible soca rhythm and carnival vibe.

 In a clever piece of exposure, Geeneus billed Ms Dynamite as headliner of the Rinse v FWD 15th Birthday at Matter last July. As the tune had received only minimal exposure when the line-up was released, many were surprised to see Ms Dynamite back in the picture so suddenly, and headlining London’s biggest Dubstep rave. However, what took place on the night served only to confirm Dynamite’s status as an utter legend and the true first lady of UK Urban music. Over 2000 sweaty clubbers packed into Matter’s main room to watch Dynamite perform a handful of classics. Songs like “Boo!” received a rapturous response, a sign of the longevity of the UK garage classics that have survived over the last decade. However it was the DJ Zinc produced “Wile Out” that really caught the attention. Now an established chart banger that has been given huge amounts of exposure from the likes of Annie Mac, Benji B and Mistajam, “Wile Out” resides in Zinc’s own ‘Crack House’ genre; a happy middle ground between the stomp of dubstep and the lighter dance patterns of House music.

“Wile Out” is essentially the sound of 2010; irresistibly catchy and forward thinking and crucially, girl friendly. The huge rise of Dubstep over the last two years has been largely driven by a male majority; clubs have often become home to topless groups of guys throwing each other around to the latest wobbly anthem from Caspa or Rusko. Ms Dynamite brings a refreshingly old school response to a club culture that was quickly beginning to resemble a big boys club. Her status as a female role model and her ability to seamlessly shift from the mainstream to the underground means she appeals across demographics, social strata’s and sexes. She has arrived at the perfect time to spearhead Dubstep’s onslaught on the mainstream, and with top producers behind her and the wealth of experience and nous that a Mercury Music prize winning and million album selling artist can hold, 2010 looks set to be the year of the Dynamite.