Friday, 26 March 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

VBS - Skate Europe - Italy

Here's part 1 of VBS's 'Skate Europe' series.  It's a pretty cool insight into Skateboarding in Italy, especially the old 80s videos.  Worth checking out.

Watch the whole thing over at the .  I would post it here but Blogger doesn't allow the embed script from the VBS site.  Ho-hum.

Another note, VBS were in Norwich at a clubnight I was dj'ing at on my birthday (large up ).  They spring on me with a camera asking for my political views and who I was gonna vote for.  I professed the Liberal Democrats, and they then asked what political issues concerned me.
My mind went blank and instead of talking in depth of my support of Human Rights, Net Neutrality, and protection of public services, all I could come up with was a more liberal drug policy and how terrible it'd be if the Tories got in.

I reckon it came across more like this though.