Saturday, 17 April 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

FWD last Friday, and some bits here and there

I went to FWD last Friday with Skandal (who did a superb Get Low exclusive mix a little while back). It was a top notch line-up, with , , and on the buttons.

Scratcha was dropping some cutting-edge beats, and you truly felt you were listening to the "what comes next" of UK Music. Although I feel a lot of UK Funky is tepid (I'm looking at you, 80% of Marcus Nasty's Rinse CD); Scratcha was drawing tunes so ahead of the curve that it made me want to race home and learn Logic so I could get in early when this new wave comes. Dub-Funky-Step is the one!

Joy Orbison played mostly old school garage (wearing a shirt buttoned to the top which was pretty remarkable considering the heat in the room), but I have to say I missed a lot of it by having two fags and chatting to the and lot.  Brass!

I posted the Joy Orbison remix of "I Might Be" by Todd Edwards a little while back, but cop this remix too.

It's a big look, and MJ Cole is killing it right now. He's got a new EP dropping any day now, and Volcano Riddim is the one.

 Martin Clark describes it as "a kind of dark orchestra string-lead banger that Wiley would have made in 2003 had he not frozen his eski synths into grime and instead chosen to pre-empt funky. It's effect on clubs is, as its title suggests, explosive".

 I was gonna say that, obviously.

  - As always from Martin Clark, a ruddy good read.


The last 15 minutes of Ben UFO's set really stood out, playing some cracking Addison Groove (inspired at least) riddims.

Anyway, check out this Addison Groove mix for Mary Anne Hobbs' Radio 1 show. All own productions.

Addison Groove – Nautilus
Addison Groove – Battle Scene
Addison Groove – Word Doc
Addison Groove – Sexual
Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
Addison Groove – This Girl
Addison Groove – Jam Hot
Addison Groove – Sax Machine
Addison Groove – I Dreamed A Thing

Anyway, back to last Friday.  While dropping Skream off at his house, he showed us some tracks off his album in the car.  Look out for "Where You Should Be".  Big bassy sex tune with Daft Punk-esque vocals.  Rather than just a looped beat it's a proper "song", and you can tell some love has gone into it.   He says it's the best track on his album.  I can't say just yet, but I'm inclined to probably agree when the time comes to cop my copy of "I'm Outside the Box".
On a completely unrelated note, Solo (who jokingly invented his own genre Midget House, which we posted about a while back) has been made a FabricLive resident.  Big up my son!
He's done a naughty little promo mix for FabricLive, and a .
Disco Gallo - Unknown
Mendo - Aventuras
Karada,Merayan - Gipsy (F Le Benz Rmx)
J.Jackson - What's that?
H-Couto - Naianea (Supernova Rmx)
Funkagenda - Afterclub (Riva Starr Rmx)
Clipse - Mr. Me Too
Renaissance Man - Babbadabba
Deadpool - Unknown
Carnivale - Unknown
Mowgli - I want everything
Who is Elvis - Unknown
Round Table Knights - Belly Dance (Solo Rmx)
Detroit Grand Pubhas - One hump or two (Zombie Disco Squad Edit)
We've got some REALLY BLOODY EXCITING news coming up.  Check back soon, IT'S REALLY REALLY REALLY BLOODY EXCITING!

*hint.  Croatia Croatia....