Thursday, 15 April 2010

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NME Front Cover: Magnetic Man

Woii! Magnetic Man's appearance on the front cover of NME is perhaps the biggest indicator so far of Dubstep's meteoric rise to the top of the UK's pop scene. Proudly sitting amongst 9 other huge artists as part of a special edition featuring 10 different artists on the cover, Magnetic Man look the part. Unfortunately the article dedicated to the group isn't the revealing and interesting piece it should have been, and Magnetic Man are limited to barely 100 words...

Magnetic Man: 'We're cooler than every other pop act out there'

Dub-steppers claim fans are going to be blown away by their debut

Magnetic Man - the dub-step project featuring producers Skream, Benga and Artwork - have declared themselves the "coolest pop act" of 2010.

Speaking as one of the 10 cover stars in a special edition of a revamped NME out this week (April 7) the trio, who are renowned for donning all black clothing and Ray-Bans, claim fans are going to be blown away by their forthcoming debut album.

"Look at us! We're cooler than every other pop act out there," Benga declared. The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut in a Cornish studio.

"People are going to think 'Wow'," Benga added, before Skream, who was responsible for last year's seminal 'In For The Kill' remix, explained: "They should be excited, we're putting everything we've learned into the last 10 years into this project."

"There's some risky tracks on the album that we've done," Artwork continued. "We could just sit down and write straight-up dubstep tracks, but instead we're taking risks. We're not doing what people expect."

The special covers have been put together to mark the launch of the new NME. The magazine has been completely revamped with new front, features and reviews sections, plus an update for NME's iconic logo.