Monday, 26 April 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Vice Style and Nike's Skunk Dunk

Vice have also started up a cool fashion website called

The just reported on some heavy sneakers Nike made, the Dunk Hi SB "Skunk" shoe.

They got a stash spot and everything!

They got released last week for 4/20. (20th April to you and me, 420 being a slang word for Cannabis in the US.  It's like national weed smoking day out there.  I went to Hippy Hill at the bottom of Haight Street on that day last year.  It was nuts)

So yeah, for more shit like that go check out Vice Style.  They've done cool articles like , and weird shit like

OH!  If ANYONE can link me to the same sunglasses Kim Jong-Il wears, hit me up.  The 'Liberian Warlords and North Korean Dictator' is the next big thing in fashion, trust me.

 Looking fly.