Friday, 28 May 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Get Low have long supported the career of Example, who has earned further respect by dusting himself off from the rubble that was The Beats (Mike Skinner's foolhardy label that was subsequently dropped from Warner after spanking all its cash and making no record sales). He's returned in the last year armed with an arsenal of tunes created by some of the biggest dance music producers in the country, including Herve, MJ Cole and Chase & Status. It's undoubtedly a far more commercial stance then his previous incarnation but with Skepta, Professor Green and other former 'urban' artists also embracing this poppier aesthetic it's clearly the name of the game in 2010.

Bar 9, who reside firmly in the wobble led zone of Dubstep, remixed Example earlier this year and a superb video has surfaced, made by a D.I.Y production team based in L.A.  Here's what Example said about the video:

“Having studied film at university and also had involvement in all my own videos (including the video for Me & Mandy which took 4 days to shoot, £500, about 50 cast & crew and a weeks editing) I know just how much time and effort has gone into the video below

A short while back I noticed that some talented dudes based in LA were knocking out some pretty impressive martial arts / parkour videos, they were fast-paced, homemade, low-budget but utterly brilliant. They were also nearly always edited to a dubstep soundtrack

I got in touch with them via YouTube and after a few email exchanges I sent them my Bar9 remix and they wrote me a delicious video treatment.

A month later they del
ivered this, a truly astonishing piece of gritty cinema made for next to no money