Monday, 10 May 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Vice elections: Young Conservatives (and Pow! messyness)

They should have known better than to be the subjects of a Vice video about politics, they got well and truly PARRED.

I was dj'ing at Pow that night. Watch out for my cameo outside the club! I'm the one that chats supporting a scientific based drugs policy (which I sincerely believe the UK should have). I came out unscathed, thank god. Hope the Kuleshov effect doesn't bring me down too much though.

Oh, I voted Liberal Democrat.


Towelie said...

how ridiculously thick and insulting are those girls? what a load of fukin nonesense. who the fuck chose to interview them? then more importantly to broadcast what was filmed without a comedy sound effects score in the background?