Thursday, 10 June 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Loefah mix on Rinse

Loefah did an incredible mix for Instra:Mental's Rinse show a few weeks back.  I love all this juke/classic electro shit.


footcrab vip - addison groove (dub)
tc - kryptic minds (dub)
tired light - instra:mental (darkestral)
beacon - ramadanman (dub)
claptrap - joe (hessle)
level crossing - joe (hessle)
tweaked - shortstuff - (dub)
IRL - girl unit -(night slugs)
work doc - addison groove (dub)
work it - addison groove (swamp 81)
hot raw sex - jimmy edger/instra:mental rmx (?)
battle scene - addison groove (dub)
sexual - addison groove (swamp 81)
woo vs glut - sx x ramadanman (dub)
work them - ramadanman (swamp 81)
glut - ramadanman (hemlock) 
fall short - ramadanman (swamp 81)
tempest - ramadanman (hemlock)
Because You - faltyDL (planet mu)
night hunter - fis t (serial 502)

Massive Mix!

He also gave away a track aaaaages ago on his Soundcloud, so here's another opportunity to download it.  It's s'alright.  One for the collectors.