Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

FTC Invitational Skate Competition

from on .

FTC is a skate shop in San Francisco on Haight Street, in the Haight Ashbury area.  When I lived in San Francisco, I lived in Lower Haight, on Haight and Pierce.  Haight Street is pretty much one of the coolest areas in the world.  Seriously.

Anyway, FTC turned their store into a mini-skate park for a skate competition.  Check the video, it's pretty dope!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Last month Pariah did a mix for , and it's definitely a keeper.  Filled with bits of house, techno, garage, and 'what do you call it'. it's recommended listening.

 (just click on it)


1. Bad Autopsy – Psionic Terror [unreleased]
2. Hanuman – Bola (Atki2 Remix) [Idle Hands]
3. L-Vis 1990 – Zahonda (Greena Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
3. Martyn – Hear Me (Zomby Remix) 3024
4. Shed – 10001b [WAX]
5. Cristian Vogel – In [Tresor]
6. Pariah – Crossed Out [forthcoming R&S]
7. J-Treole – The Loot (Sully Remix) [Keysound]
8. K.M.A – Cape Fear [Groove Chronicles]
9. Nu Birth – Anytime [Locked On]
10. Red or Dred – How I Feel (Bad Ass Disco Mix) [Locked On]
11. Agent X – Turbulence [Heatseeker Records]
12. Sentinels – Love Rhythm [unreleased]
13. James Blake – The Bells Sketch [forthcoming Hessle Audio]
14. Pariah – Safehouses [forthcoming R&S]

Pariah's first release 'Detroit Falls/Orpheus' is finally out.

Already sold out at Red Eye Records, I urge you to buy it on Friday when some pressings get in!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Dashiel's "1+1=3" Mix

by on

A mixture of dark Funky, future Garage and Dubstep.  These are more or less the tunes I've been battering constantly.

It's called "1+1=3" because I've tried to mix each song together and hold it overlapping to create a new transitionary third tune.  .   It's recorded live, one take.

Hope you feel it!


Joy Orbison - BRKLN CLLN 
Loefah - Goat Stare 
Breakage - Rain 
Jose James - Blackmagic (Joy Orbison's Recreation) 
Deadboy - U Cheated 
Hard House Banton - Sirens 
James Fox & Tempz - Next Hype Alert 
Cosmin TRG - Purple Lights
Joy Orbison - The Shrew That Would Have Cushioned The Blow  
Addison Groove - Footcrab 
Untold - Gonna Work Out Fine

Gap Yah

A great little sketch from Oxford based Student comedy troupe "The Unexpected Items". Everyone knew someone like this at Uni...

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fact mix 135: Elijah & Skilliam

We hope you caught Elijah & Skilliam at our afterparty for Get Low's 2nd Birthday Bash.  Coz they've only gone an done a Fact Mix!

Here's some pictures from the afterparty taken by the extremely talented photographer .

"Elijah and Skilliam’s FACT mix is packed –packed – with exclusives. There’s unreleased and forthcoming material from SRC, Skepta, Joker, Terror Danjah (in fact, there’s a collaboration between the two titled ‘Gully Goon Estate’), Royal T, Starkey – download it below."

Spooky – Murderer (Oil Gang)
Joker & Terror Danjah – Gully Goon Estate
Newham Generals – Hard (Digital Soundboy)
DOK – Sweet & Sour
SRC – Sort Of A Start (Rwina)
Skepta – Red Bull Academy (Boy Better Know)
SRC – Going Out (Swindle Remix) – (Rwina)
Rossi B & Luca – E10 Riddim (Planet Mu)
Terror Danjah – Air Bubble (Swindle Remix) – (Butterz)
OG’z – OGeezus – (OGz)
Terror Danjah – Air Bubble (Royal T Remix) – (Butterz)
Griminal – Cant Be (Silencer Remix)
Royal T – Side Effect
Skepta – UFO (Boy Better Know)
Mr Mitch – Fright Night (SRC Remix)
Terror Danjah – Power Grid (Planet Mu)
Royal T – The Whistle Song
Swindle – Aim Straight (Planet Mu)
Terror Danjah – Creepy Crawler RIP (Butterz)
B Live – Modern Warfare
Rude Kid – Emergency (No Hats No Hoods)
Joker – Tron (Kapsize)
Starkey – Numb feat P Money (Planet Mu)
Terror Danjah – Air Bubble (Starkey Remix)

Lil Silva Fabriclive mix

 is a banging UK Funky producer and still only 19 years old.  Rudeboy!

Anyway, he dj'd at Fabric last Friday and did this mix for them filled with exclusive dubplates, remixes, and future classics.  No lie.

Watch for the Different VIP!



Lil Silva - Jam
Lil Silva - Im The Man (Instrumental)
Lil Silva - No Hook/Untitled
Fuzzy Logic ft Jay Sean & Skepta - Rush (RMX)
Lil Silva - Different VIP
Unknown - Sweep me yard
Lil Silva - Perfussion
Dru Hill - In my bed (Brett Maverick RMX)
Lil Silva - Shout Out
Bok bok & L Vis - In the morning RMX
Lil Silva - Against Yaself
Champion - Mother Board
Dj Naughty ft Miss Fire - Its u
iLL Blu - Magic
Yourican - Broken Soul
HardHouse Banton - Colonel
Lil Silva - Madness

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Watch this brilliant documentary about Pirate Radio in London. It's sick.

'Footcrab' by Addison Groove

Nothing more, nothing less.

Addison Groove is the new alias of .

Catch this crazy Juke mix he did last December.


I rate Douster, me.

I was the first to play this tune out in Norwich at the , and it's spread like wildfire throughout the city of N-town since.

Here's the version I've been playing out.  It's a bit more cleaned up and DJ friendly than the original in the youtube video, but gets the job done like Leon on a killing spree.

Anyway, he's recently gone an done a VIP for alls youz.  Bit more mental, yet to road-test it on the dancefloor.  I'll report back, but in the mean time, go check it:

Here's some other Douster remixes I've been feeling a lot.  "" is pretty much the "" of the Dubstep world, so big respect for even going near it!

The original track 'Woo Boost' by Rusko is rather uninspired, but Douster actually makes a pretty banging electro track out of it.  Recommended.

(btw, all these tracks are sourced from the gleaming white whales of the limitless pool of mp3 blogs out there, so big up , , and .  All mega sick blogs).

Friday, 26 March 2010

VBS - Skate Europe - Italy

Here's part 1 of VBS's 'Skate Europe' series.  It's a pretty cool insight into Skateboarding in Italy, especially the old 80s videos.  Worth checking out.

Watch the whole thing over at the .  I would post it here but Blogger doesn't allow the embed script from the VBS site.  Ho-hum.

Another note, VBS were in Norwich at a clubnight I was dj'ing at on my birthday (large up ).  They spring on me with a camera asking for my political views and who I was gonna vote for.  I professed the Liberal Democrats, and they then asked what political issues concerned me.
My mind went blank and instead of talking in depth of my support of Human Rights, Net Neutrality, and protection of public services, all I could come up with was a more liberal drug policy and how terrible it'd be if the Tories got in.

I reckon it came across more like this though.


Fazhands is a lot!

If you're lucky enough to be in LA right now, I urge, no, IMPLORE you check out our good friend who's dj'ing out there right now.

Fazhands has the triforce combo of being a banging DJ, a sick minimal techno producer, and possibly being one of the safest blokes in the land.

Fazhands is dj'ing at Occidental College Outdoor Party tonight.  So head there sharpish!

All is not lost, as on the 2nd of April he'll be be dj'ing at with some dudes called .

Here's a selected discography of Fazhands' productions:

His Flush EP is also heading for an imminent release, here's a sneak peak:

Gwan Fazhands!

(Large up for the mp3 links.  Check out their blog.  It's sick).

Pipedown Clubnight 02

First things first.

Second of all, they're putting on a night next week, and it looks pretty swish.

Here's the lowdown:

Pipedown returns to The Rhythm Factory for their second night. With them they are bringing the Keysound Recordings crew, a label that has put out some of the finest dubstep, garage and grime music over recent years. 
Label heads  take charge of proceedings carrying on where their debut album Margins Music and monthly sets on Rinse left off, seeing them DJ is the only way to hear their new tunes. The enigmatic crew LHF are Keysound's hottest new signing and sound like "Sun Ra's hijacked Rinse FM and is using it to communicate with the heavens." Then there's techno meets swung house from  whose Statis (G Mix) found it's way into the record boxes of heads like Benji B, Mary Anne Hobbs, Kode9, Ben UFO and more.

Bundled with proceedings is a cheeky mix from that enigmatic LHF crew.

I ain't a master with the lyrical wordplay see, so I'll let the silver-tongued folks at describe it far more elequently than I ever will.

"Essentially the selection is a gentle marriage of dubstep, garage and lo-fi sentiment. It's full of delightful contradictions: erratic and yet soothing; downbeat yet uplifting. And, ultimately, weird and wonderful. The mix essentially goes for something sublime, stringing together jagged bursts of bass and sporadic, stripped back injections of jungle. It's woozy tribal elements, that clang, echoe and shimmer, at times give it an ethereal feel. Captivating."

Fair enough.

No Fixed Abode – Sirius Nanotech
Double Helix – TSR-1
Low Density Matter – Blue Steel (Forthcoming Keysound)
Double Helix – Shadows of the City
Amen Ra – Song For Auset (feat. Double Helix and No Fixed Abode)
No Fixed Abode – Indian Street Slang
Double Helix – An Eastern Philosophy
Amen Ra- Fragments Of A Love Story
Amen Ra – Final Chapter
Catta – Fourth Motion (Double Helix Remix) (Forthcoming Dubsquare)
Amen Ra – Unbroken Chain
Double Helix – The Chains
No Fixed Abode – Strangelands
Amen Ra – One Way Ticket


Londonium, a collaboration of some of London's most respected and biggest brands, looks set to be an event beyond anything London has ever seen before.

Line-up is STUUUUUPID.  Large up everyone of those boys, big in the game.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Get Low & B.Supreme present MS DYNAMITE at the Southbank Centre - FREE ENTRY!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ GET LOW ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Get Low and B.Supreme team up to provide a highly exclusive showcase for one of the UK's most pioneering and innovative female artists at the Southbank Centre, London's principal headquarters for the creative arts.


★ The Clore Ballroom at Royal Festival Hall ★

★ Midday Onwards ★




The true first lady of UK Garage, Get Low are extremely excited by Ms Dynamite's return to the UK Club scene. Firing off huge club bangers and collaborations with Toddla T, MJ Cole, Geeneus and most notably her team up with DJ Zinc on the 'Crack House' classic "Wile Out", Ms Dynamite has come back with a bang. Aswell as the new cuts, Dynamite will be performing a collection of the classics that won her so much adoration in the first place, with tracks such as "Boo!" and "It Takes More" due to recieve an airing. Do not miss this exclusive and, most importantly, FREE performance!



Join the Get Low Fan Page for music links, updates, guestlist offers and more!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ B.SUPREME ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

b.supreme, the only UK Festival for WOMEN IN HIP HOP is back for it's 4TH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL!

b.supreme is the only UK Festival dedicated to Women In Hip Hop. The 3 day festival takes place at the Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall and encompasses dance performance, DJ’s beat boxers, MC’S Workshops and dance battles featuring the best hip hop artists from all over the world.

FRIDAY 2nd / SATURDAY 3rd / SUNDAY 4th APRIL 2010!!

The UK’s festival for women in hip-hop, b.supreme, opens with UK SUPREME, showcasing the best of the UK hip hop scene, including Unity, TK Spin, Retaliation Girls, Flowzaic, The Waacktitioners the debut of b.supreme’s brand new all-star company and many more...

Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall
7.45pm £13


Funk-style dance battles and hip hop workshops fill The Clore Ballroom. The Waackers will be invited to throw down their moves for the first time as well as an international Popping battle and a very special under 14’s freestyle battle.

The Clore Ballroom at Royal Festival Hall
11am Free Admission

International all-female dance companies give world-class performances in the Purcell Room.
Includes The Waackers, based in LA, Les Flip Femmes from Canada and Decadancetheatre from New York.

Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall
7.45pm £13

Following the success of last year the Bonnie and Clyde battle returns to b.supreme, along with the 2-on-2 b.girl battle and the UK and international crew battle.

Plus don't miss a very special performance from MS DYNAMITE!

The Clore Ballroom at Royal Festival Hall
11am Free Admission


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Hot Chip: I Feel Better

Off the new album "One Life Stand", this is a superb pop song with knowing and extremely timely echoes of UK Funky.

This video is particularly a bloggers dream as it has been directed by Peter Serafanowicz. The star of his own self-titled sketch show featuring the cult comic sketch Brian Butterfield, cuntish housemate in Shaun of The Dead ("the door is open again!") and all-round comedic genius, Serafanowicz has outdone himself with this video. Utterly bonkers and pleasingly left-field, Hot Chip and Serafanowicz seem like the perfect match.

As I mentioned earlier, there is an unmistakeable soca tinged, funky rhythm to this single, which isn't a surprise as Joel Goddard, perhaps the principal producer within the group, is a big fan of Garage and Dubstep, and cites Sticky, Jameson and Skream as big influences. "I Feel Better" is crying out for a club-friendly remix, one that emphasises its dancefloor quality.  Any takers?

The Return of Ms Dynamite

Here's a piece I did for my UTR blog, which ties in nicely with Get Low's movements in the coming months. Hold tight for reveals on some of our nights featuring Ms Dynamite very soon.

The return of Ms Dynamite

2010 looks set to be a stellar year for UK Urban music, crystallised by the return of several legendary artists of the 90’s and early millennium. Keen to re-acquaint themselves with the vibrant and lucrative club scene bursting out of UK cities, artists such as EZ, Sticky, MJ Cole and Zed Bias have been busy re-assembling their classic tunes into bass heavy stompers capable of competing for dance floor love alongside the weighty productions currently favoured by the countries top DJ’s. However, it is the re-emergence of the legendary Ms Dynamite that has set pulses racing amongst clubbers, promoters and journalists alike.

After years spent in a post-garage hiatus raising a family, Ms Dynamite has returned armed with collaborations with cutting edge producers that have been only too happy to give a leg up to such an established artist. There was “Get Low”, produced by Rinse FM and FWD magnate Geeneus which built a fevered following last summer due to its irresistible soca rhythm and carnival vibe.

 In a clever piece of exposure, Geeneus billed Ms Dynamite as headliner of the Rinse v FWD 15th Birthday at Matter last July. As the tune had received only minimal exposure when the line-up was released, many were surprised to see Ms Dynamite back in the picture so suddenly, and headlining London’s biggest Dubstep rave. However, what took place on the night served only to confirm Dynamite’s status as an utter legend and the true first lady of UK Urban music. Over 2000 sweaty clubbers packed into Matter’s main room to watch Dynamite perform a handful of classics. Songs like “Boo!” received a rapturous response, a sign of the longevity of the UK garage classics that have survived over the last decade. However it was the DJ Zinc produced “Wile Out” that really caught the attention. Now an established chart banger that has been given huge amounts of exposure from the likes of Annie Mac, Benji B and Mistajam, “Wile Out” resides in Zinc’s own ‘Crack House’ genre; a happy middle ground between the stomp of dubstep and the lighter dance patterns of House music.

“Wile Out” is essentially the sound of 2010; irresistibly catchy and forward thinking and crucially, girl friendly. The huge rise of Dubstep over the last two years has been largely driven by a male majority; clubs have often become home to topless groups of guys throwing each other around to the latest wobbly anthem from Caspa or Rusko. Ms Dynamite brings a refreshingly old school response to a club culture that was quickly beginning to resemble a big boys club. Her status as a female role model and her ability to seamlessly shift from the mainstream to the underground means she appeals across demographics, social strata’s and sexes. She has arrived at the perfect time to spearhead Dubstep’s onslaught on the mainstream, and with top producers behind her and the wealth of experience and nous that a Mercury Music prize winning and million album selling artist can hold, 2010 looks set to be the year of the Dynamite.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Win a test press of 'Tron', signed by Joker

All eyes are on for his next move, having created havoc on dancefloors all over the world last year with huge remixes for numerous major labels/acts and anthems such as 'Digidesign', 'Do It' and 'Purple City''. He has defined the colourful synth-led melodic style within dubstep that's become known as 'Purple w0w'. 'Tron' is his biggest tune yet and will be available with an exclusive VIP version just for the digital package. 

It's a rare piece of music that can unite a diverse range of DJs such as Diplo, Kode 9, Shy FX, Flying Lotus, TC, Caspa, Pinch, Skream, Roska, Martyn, Ginz, J Da Flex, Baobinga, 2nd II None, Reso, Oris J, Cosmin TRG, Appleblim, I.D, Guido, Mike Paradinas, Gemmy, Atki2, Tomb Crew, Bok Bok, the Get Low Cartel.... just to name a few.  Release date is scheduled for April 6th.


Anyway, enter your email address into the widget below to be added to the raffle to win said Test Pressing with Joker's signature.  Only 15 exist in the whole world, so crack on.








Good luck!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

>>> GET LOW EASTER SPECIAL <<< - Thursday 25th March



For the Easter Holidays we've decided to hatch an easter egg of our own by putting on a night of banging underground party music, cheap drinks prices, highly desirable people and infamous Get Low vibes.

Guess what. Get FREE ENTRY when you display this month's Get Low flyer on the door before 11pm.



DJs 'pon the night:


Went to the last Garden Rave? Went apeshit on the dancefloor with the other 1000+ people when the DJs were playing banger after banger thinking "who the hell are these guys?!"

Yeah, that was us.


Having killed it last month dj'ing alongside Toddla T, Madboy Zimba is back for more. Precision mixing = dancefloor predator missiles. You have been warned.

(Listen to his Meatball Curry Mix here. It's banging!)


new power house duo, they'll be playing a b2b set crossing all genres and sneakpeaking tracks from their upcoming EP. Ones to watch!


Breaking into the clubnight circuit after seriously impressing at multiple houseparties, Moomin is playing his debut set at Get Low.  He's also recently started up his own clubnight ''.  Gwan Moomin!


Easter Egg giveaways and free entry all night to girls in full easter bunny outfits! Yeah it is!

GET DOWN EARLY to be handed FREE VODKA SHOTS from the Get Low Cartel's personal supply till we run out.



Groups are so 2009. Join the Get Low Fan Page for music links, updates, guestlist offers and more:

Want queue-jump guestlist? Post a message on the Facebook event wall with you and your friends' names. Simple as that!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Rusko: Da Cali Anthem - Free Download. Woiiii!

We dj'd with last week.  The man knows how to make a dancefloor rowdy.  I love it when you can tell a DJ loves his set in the moment.

He also happens to be a bloody nice bloke, so big up to him.

He's given away his track 'Da Cali Anthem'.  Hip Hop sample flavour flav on this one.

 - 320kbps, woi!

Big up for the hook-up.

Garden Rave this Friday

Over 1000 people turned up to the last one, we had to turn 250 people away.

We're doing 12am-1am.

See you there.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alex Hohlov does some dope art

Check out his blog here for more:

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Future Garage: Get To Know

Don't know what Future Garage is?   kindly did an Introductory mix for the uninitiated.


To Download, click on the downward pointing arrow on the side of the player, or just click on this 


Submerse - Everything Around Us [L2S Recordings]
Synkro - Everybody Knows [Smokin Sessions]
Clueless - Secret Love [forthcoming Night Audio]
Sully - Phonebox [Frijsfo Beats]
Whistla - What You Want [L2S Recordings]
Sines - Love Becomes She [Untitled!]
Submerse - Forgive Me [forthcoming Night Audio]
Burial - Unite [Soul Jazz]
Whistla - Steelface [L2S Recordings]
Kanvas - Next [forthcoming on L2S Recordings]
Duncan Powell - Care 4 Me (Whistla Remix)
M2J - Blue Tone [L2S Recordings]
Littlefoot - Alien Wet Dream [L2S Recordings]
KingThing - Trapped [forthcoming on Night Audio]
Naphta - Soundclash (Grievous Angel Remix) [forthcoming on Keysound]

ALL of the tracks are released, so you can build your Future Garage collection right away.

If you can't be bothered to listen to the whole thing though, here are my favourite tracks from the mix:

We're dj'ing with Rusko tonight

We're doing 10pm to 12.30am, and then 's gonna hop on after.


Really feeling this Rusko tune right now:

 I'm not much of a Wobble head, but this tune is sick too.  Give it a whirl.

As always, .

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Herve's given away a naughty little garage banger

Make sure you cop this  tune quicktime.

To download, click on the downward pointing arrow on the side of the player.



Croydon is the new Detroit, Skream remixes a tune called 'Get Low', and Oneman and Joy Orbison go B2B on Rinse FM

Ear to the ground business in the world of Underground music.

Here are a couple of pictures from our recent   Full photo blog post coming soon.

Yeah, we focus on Dubstep a lot; but it's probably the most exciting and significant underground music genre of our generation.

Don't believe us?

Read Joe Muggs' excellent article about Croydon being the new Detroit:
(Highly recommended reading)

While we're at it, check out this new remix of Geeneus & Ms Dynamite.  Yes, it has Get Low in the title.  Win!



 Oneman b2b Joy Orbison on Rinse FM. 

My favourite DJ and producer joining forces on my favourite radio station.

They dj'd back to back at DMZ last Friday too.  Word got to us that it was the best set of the night.

Highly recommended listening.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Some ones to watch for 2010

EZ all, these are (some of) my picks for who's gonna make waves in 2010.

Mensah is a badman producer from Bristol.  I met him when he came to Get Low last October with and on the line-up.  He's releasing an EP on soon, doing collaborations with Noah D, and just generally being a safe as fuck bloke; his entrance into the main Dubstep fraternity is imminent.

Cannae wait for Acid Dub to drop.  Pure hype hype hype.

Download his  1Xtra mix on 's 'In New DJs We Trust' show

Pariah is hotly tipped young producer in the branching Future Garage scene.

Detroit Falls and Orpheus (on the flip) is out on the 29th March.  Instant bagging.

Swindle is a sick producer making banging Grime beats.  Heavily pushed by on their show, and with good reason.  If Grime is to have any future or fuel in it's engine, it needs producers like Swindle.

'The Moth' was the standout track for me on .  He's already signed to 's label , which automatically makes him a badman.

Download his mix for Vice Magazine 


1. Deadboy - “Heartbreaker (Julio Bashmore Remix)”
2. Cooly G - “Love Dub”
3. Deadboy - “U Cheated”
4. Julio Bashmore - “Around”
5. Son of Aphrodite - “Vibrations”
6. DJ Sneak - “Fix My Sink”
7. Blackjoy - “Untitled (Solid Groove Remix)”
8. Mosca - “Gold Bricks, I See You”
9. L-Vis 1990 - “United Groove (Baobinga and I.D Remix)”
10. LV & Untold - “Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)”
11. Breach - “Fatherless”
12. Julio Bashmore - “Um Bongo’s Revenge”


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Eliott School in South London bore this

The Elliott School in Wandsworth has recently been under the media spotlight due to it's reputation as a leftfield electronic artist production line. Members of the Maccabees, The XX, Hot Chip,, Kieran Hebdon of Four Tet and Burial are all notable alumni. Rumour has it that the Brits School chucks its old equipment over to Elliot School, which is rather ironic as the last piece of talent that the Brit School produced was last seen hosting the Bulgarian lottery (the Brit Schools factory line seeming to consist of jarring, "I drink tea" style wannabe diva's with grating vocals).

There has been talk of a collaboration between Burial and Four Tet for some time, with eager bloggers swapping stories and old remixes they totally swear was made by Will Bevan for an underground label that once may have been run by Hebdon, or whatever. Finally some concrete pieces of music have surfaced, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's stuff like this that keeps my faith in British Electronic music. I hope to hear this dropped in a set at some point over Summer 2010.