Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Awesome January 2010 Garden Rave Pictures

Here are some stonking pictures of the Garden Rave in January from Ed Myatt.  He's expertly captured the magic of these remarkable events which are the collaboration of the 3 main student run nights in Norwich, Get Low, Pow!, and Damage.  If you're in Norwich (or even East Anglia), you need to check these nights out.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Street Fighter Riddim, Pow LCR, and Dash's new secret weapon

Lyrics and riddim is HUUUUUUGE.  EURGH EURGH EURGH!

Plus, our cousins have got another night this week at the LCR.  I'm dj'ing room 2.  Last one was live-o, this one should be be big stuff too.

Watch out for this tune tomorrow night.  My new 'Dash Secret Weapon' (Trademarked).  These usually get jacked from my sets quick, so you heard it here first!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Vice Style and Nike's Skunk Dunk

Vice have also started up a cool fashion website called

The just reported on some heavy sneakers Nike made, the Dunk Hi SB "Skunk" shoe.

They got a stash spot and everything!

They got released last week for 4/20. (20th April to you and me, 420 being a slang word for Cannabis in the US.  It's like national weed smoking day out there.  I went to Hippy Hill at the bottom of Haight Street on that day last year.  It was nuts)

So yeah, for more shit like that go check out Vice Style.  They've done cool articles like , and weird shit like

OH!  If ANYONE can link me to the same sunglasses Kim Jong-Il wears, hit me up.  The 'Liberian Warlords and North Korean Dictator' is the next big thing in fashion, trust me.

 Looking fly.

M.I.A's got a dope video, new skate series from Vice, Zinc's done a April Crack House Mix, and go cop a new track from Benga

For M.I.A's new single "Born Free" she's got Romain Gavras to to direct a 9 minute short.  It's dope, well worth watching!

from on .

The cultured folk at Vice have also launched their next installment of Skate Europe, this time focusing on Denmark.  It takes a look at the skate scene from the 1970s right up to the present.  This is part one, and you can watch all the rest over at

has also released another Crack House mix.  Not to be missed, especially as it starts off with a cheeky "Tron" edit.  Eurgh!


Here's a free track too from Benga called "Who Remembers", released to promote the next night from Rinse & FWD.


★ DRINKS FROM £1.50 ★



// JACKED //

is the new WEEKLY THURSDAY night brought to you by two of the naughtiest nights in Norwich combining the very best of BASS HEAVY music and DANCEFLOOR PARTY VIBES playing ELECTRO, FUNKY, GARAGE, DUBSTEP, DRUM & BASS and much much more.

Having already broken the mould for bass heavy music nights, Get Low and Damage need no introduction; tales of their massive contribution towards the Norwich dance scene will be recounted for years to come having brought some of the greatest to your front door - including SCRATCH PERVERTS, TODDLA T, SKEPTA, JACK BEATS, ANDY C, BENGA, COMMIX, ADAM F, SKREAM, CASPA & RUSKO, FRICTION, JOKER, BREAKAGE, RATPACK, ONEMAN, ALIX PEREZ, N-TYPE, JAMMER, TOMB CREW; to name just a few!

Now we bring back the goodness WEEKLY every Thursday night at Po Na Na.





/ Entry / 10-3
NUS / £2 before 11pm / £3 thereafter
Non / £3 before 11pm / £4 thereafter

/ Student Drinks Deals / FREE SHOT FIRST 100 IN BEFORE 11PM
Carlsberg £1.50
VS £2
Dbl Vodka Mixer £3
Jacked Bucket £7
Wild Shots £2



If you like to go out raving + know and care about your music + like money, come get involved in JACKED as a rep...

Email us for more information on




Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sonic Warfare by Steve Goodman

"Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear" is Steve Goodman aka Kode 9's debut novel that traces the distinct boundaries between subsonic fequencies and how the human mind inteprets this untuned information. Kode 9 has always been seen as the intellectual forefather of the Dubstep scene, typified by his genre defying, J.G Ballard referencing album "Memories of the Future."  Perhaps one of the key catalysts behind Dubstep's steady progression into the national consciousness is that it appeals to two wildy differing demographics.  On the one hand, broadsheet journalists and musicologists have been keen to point out Dubstep's tangled web of origins and influences, how it represents the melting pot of an urban city by combining disconnected fragments of Jungle, Garage and Grime, the gritty drum patterns and discordant vocals symbolising dystopian landscapes.

On the other hand, chavs love it because "its got a filthy fucking bass on it" and sounds "well evil".  This mindset leads to music like Bar 9, 16 BIT, Stenchman and Pendulum's disastrously heavy handed attempts at making 140bpm tunes. Without a doubt Steve Goodman belongs in the former camp, and as "Sonic Warfare" outlines, he believes that Dubstep carries far deeper psychological messages then its primary premise suggests.  Traversing philosophy, science, fiction, aesthetics, and popular culture, he maps a (dis)continuum of vibrational force, encompassing police and military research into acoustic means of crowd control, the corporate deployment of sonic branding, and the intense sonic encounters of sound art and music culture. Goodman concludes with speculations on the not yet heard--the concept of unsound, which relates to both the peripheries of auditory perception and the unactualized nexus of rhythms and frequencies within audible bandwidths.

Basically its a right good read!

Buy Sonic Warfare

Monday, 19 April 2010

New iPhone 4 leaked

Some dude working at Apple left it on a bar stool.  Cue Apple losing millions of dollars worth of free marketing promotion when it was eventually supposed to launch.  LOL!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

FWD last Friday, and some bits here and there

I went to FWD last Friday with Skandal (who did a superb Get Low exclusive mix a little while back). It was a top notch line-up, with , , and on the buttons.

Scratcha was dropping some cutting-edge beats, and you truly felt you were listening to the "what comes next" of UK Music. Although I feel a lot of UK Funky is tepid (I'm looking at you, 80% of Marcus Nasty's Rinse CD); Scratcha was drawing tunes so ahead of the curve that it made me want to race home and learn Logic so I could get in early when this new wave comes. Dub-Funky-Step is the one!

Joy Orbison played mostly old school garage (wearing a shirt buttoned to the top which was pretty remarkable considering the heat in the room), but I have to say I missed a lot of it by having two fags and chatting to the and lot.  Brass!

I posted the Joy Orbison remix of "I Might Be" by Todd Edwards a little while back, but cop this remix too.

It's a big look, and MJ Cole is killing it right now. He's got a new EP dropping any day now, and Volcano Riddim is the one.

 Martin Clark describes it as "a kind of dark orchestra string-lead banger that Wiley would have made in 2003 had he not frozen his eski synths into grime and instead chosen to pre-empt funky. It's effect on clubs is, as its title suggests, explosive".

 I was gonna say that, obviously.

  - As always from Martin Clark, a ruddy good read.


The last 15 minutes of Ben UFO's set really stood out, playing some cracking Addison Groove (inspired at least) riddims.

Anyway, check out this Addison Groove mix for Mary Anne Hobbs' Radio 1 show. All own productions.

Addison Groove – Nautilus
Addison Groove – Battle Scene
Addison Groove – Word Doc
Addison Groove – Sexual
Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
Addison Groove – This Girl
Addison Groove – Jam Hot
Addison Groove – Sax Machine
Addison Groove – I Dreamed A Thing

Anyway, back to last Friday.  While dropping Skream off at his house, he showed us some tracks off his album in the car.  Look out for "Where You Should Be".  Big bassy sex tune with Daft Punk-esque vocals.  Rather than just a looped beat it's a proper "song", and you can tell some love has gone into it.   He says it's the best track on his album.  I can't say just yet, but I'm inclined to probably agree when the time comes to cop my copy of "I'm Outside the Box".
On a completely unrelated note, Solo (who jokingly invented his own genre Midget House, which we posted about a while back) has been made a FabricLive resident.  Big up my son!
He's done a naughty little promo mix for FabricLive, and a .
Disco Gallo - Unknown
Mendo - Aventuras
Karada,Merayan - Gipsy (F Le Benz Rmx)
J.Jackson - What's that?
H-Couto - Naianea (Supernova Rmx)
Funkagenda - Afterclub (Riva Starr Rmx)
Clipse - Mr. Me Too
Renaissance Man - Babbadabba
Deadpool - Unknown
Carnivale - Unknown
Mowgli - I want everything
Who is Elvis - Unknown
Round Table Knights - Belly Dance (Solo Rmx)
Detroit Grand Pubhas - One hump or two (Zombie Disco Squad Edit)
We've got some REALLY BLOODY EXCITING news coming up.  Check back soon, IT'S REALLY REALLY REALLY BLOODY EXCITING!

*hint.  Croatia Croatia....

Thursday, 15 April 2010

NME Front Cover: Magnetic Man

Woii! Magnetic Man's appearance on the front cover of NME is perhaps the biggest indicator so far of Dubstep's meteoric rise to the top of the UK's pop scene. Proudly sitting amongst 9 other huge artists as part of a special edition featuring 10 different artists on the cover, Magnetic Man look the part. Unfortunately the article dedicated to the group isn't the revealing and interesting piece it should have been, and Magnetic Man are limited to barely 100 words...

Magnetic Man: 'We're cooler than every other pop act out there'

Dub-steppers claim fans are going to be blown away by their debut

Magnetic Man - the dub-step project featuring producers Skream, Benga and Artwork - have declared themselves the "coolest pop act" of 2010.

Speaking as one of the 10 cover stars in a special edition of a revamped NME out this week (April 7) the trio, who are renowned for donning all black clothing and Ray-Bans, claim fans are going to be blown away by their forthcoming debut album.

"Look at us! We're cooler than every other pop act out there," Benga declared. The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut in a Cornish studio.

"People are going to think 'Wow'," Benga added, before Skream, who was responsible for last year's seminal 'In For The Kill' remix, explained: "They should be excited, we're putting everything we've learned into the last 10 years into this project."

"There's some risky tracks on the album that we've done," Artwork continued. "We could just sit down and write straight-up dubstep tracks, but instead we're taking risks. We're not doing what people expect."

The special covers have been put together to mark the launch of the new NME. The magazine has been completely revamped with new front, features and reviews sections, plus an update for NME's iconic logo.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Notorious XX

wait what is a San Francisco based DJ, who works at Apple HQ by day and tears up the clubs of the city by night. So far so smug, yet he has provided a great vehicle for himself with this album mash-up of the Notorious B.I.G and the XX's debut album. There's a lightness of touch and an appreciation of the opposing genre's that make this mixtape work. Unfortunately the powers that be have demanded it to be withdrawn as an available download, despite the fact that it will, if anything, bolster sales of the two seperate albums (although the XX's album is currently selling superbly in America)

Remember DJ Danger Mouse's ? It was a jaw-droppingly sublime mix of Jay Z's Black Album with the Beatle's White LP. It too was pounced on and tore apart by panicking A&R Men, but it provided Danger Mouse with his breakthough into the public consciousness and he has since produced albums for Gorillaz, MF Doom and earned further mainstream success with Gnarls Barkley, his project with the effervescent soul singer Cee-Lo Green. Therefore history shows that these Internet-driven mixtape mash-ups not only bring together two seperate fan bases but can also provide a springboard for left-field producers who are often overlooked amongst the groaning sea of musical shit that exists online.



Monday, 12 April 2010

Joy Orbison gives away a track, Cosmin TRG live set at Matter, and some Sticky drama

Joy Orbison has done a remix of a Todd Edwards track called "I Might Be".  It's Joy Orbison, course it's going to be banging.

Regards to  for the hook-up.

Cosmin TRG played at Matter for Rinse vs FWD last time, and this is a recording of the set.  Big look!


Regards to .


In a major piece of dry news,  had his studio broken into.  Brass!  Here's his own statement.

My studio got robbed on Saturday night. They took everything! I dont understand! Took my hard drives as well with all my work.
I can deal with everything else, but my hard drives? That's all my work in the last ten years. It not fair! No one deserves that to happen to them.
Have to stay positive! All i wish for is my hard drives back. That's all I ask.

Here's a Sticky tune "Sticky Situation" courtesy of .

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mr Penfold Macbook Skin

Get Low's resident artist  has teamed up with KARVT to make some badboy wooden Macbook laptop skins.

Got to rep my own Snow White laptop skin, still.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Skandal does an exclusive mix for Get Low

by on

Being Skream's informal Godfather; Skandal's a familiar face in the shadows within Dubstep's biggest events.

Last December, Skandal gained a prestigious place on the  line-up, joining a list including Loefah, Benga, Joker, Joy Orbison, Oneman, Plastician, N-Type and more.

 Skandal has access to a wealth of unreleased dubs, often copping them before they're officially named or finished.  He's made (in our opinion) the best "'Pon De Floor" Dubstep remix out there, and with a recently beefed up studio set-up, watch out for new material coming later this year.

Skandal started DJ'ing in 1994, during the Jungle era.  With 16 years of DJ'ing experience under his belt,  he's cranked out a banging 42 minute mix of current, classic, and unreleased dubs.

Simply, the mix spanks it.


Major Lazor - 'Pon De Floor (Skandal Refix)
Benga - ???
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Skream - Wibbler
Breakage & Newham Generals - Hard (Caspa & The Others Dub Police Takeover Mix)
Benga - Rock Music
Rusko - Soundguy is my Target
Coki - All of a Sudden
Rob Sparx - What Ya Gonna Do
Joker - My Trance Girl
Skream - Metal Mouth
The Others - Gravity
Kutz - ???
Benga - Man On A Mission
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - R U Ready (Dubstep remix)
Joker - Do It
Skream - Rolling Kick

Skandal's Myspace - 
Skandal's Twitter - 

Skream gives away "Clap Your Hands"

Being the lovely chap that he is, Skream has given away yet another track: "Clap Your Hands".

Posting on the Dubstep Forum, he writes:

"This was gonna make it on to the LP, but it just didnt fit....."

Oh well!  It's definitely aggy, so be warned!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Kidrobot opens EU Web Store

I'm a shameless Kidrobot fanboy.  I'd wear it head to toe if I could.  However, many a time I've wanted to order something off the Kidrobot store only to be slapped with extortionate shipping duties right before checkout, because the clothes have to get send from the US.

Now they've opened a European website which means faster delivery, no custom duties and cheaper shipping options.  WIN!

Here's an insider tip.  Sign up to the newsletter, and wait for the occasional 50-80% sales.  At the SF store on Haight Street I got a $175 hoodie for $38.  Real talk.

Outlook Festival 2010 London Launch Party

This Friday see's the Outlook 2010 Launch party hit the Coronet, perhaps one of the only nights of the year that you know will be guaranteed VIBES. The line-up contains Get Low favourite Ms Dynamite, a smattering of Dub legends such as Macka B and a nicely rounded heavyweight Dubstep line-up featuring Joker, Hatcha, Silkie and shit loads more. The festival in 2008 was incredible, and the 2009 launch party at the Coronet was a huge success, and brought in skankers from around the country in a manner that only DMZ or Rinse vs FWD had managed before.

Another great feauture of Fridays launch is the DJ competition in room 3, with the winner recieving free travel and a DJ set at this years Outlook Festival, set in an abandoned fort in Pula, Croatia. Several Get Low cohorts are in the mix for this fantastic prize, including Dance Club badman and South London DJ .

Buy your Tickets here