Monday, 21 June 2010

Is Stubhub Legit

Skream presents the Freeizm

Ahead of a career defining summer for the Croydon wonder producer, Skream has given out a little promo gift. Four largely unheard tracks to download for free! This doesn't happen that much so get excited. Get Low's favourite track is Minimool, a serious 5 in the morning cut.

3-Robert S-Show Me Love.
4-The Dead Weather-Cut Like A Buffalo(Skreamix)

Download it all


Outside The Box is out in early August. Hold tight for the upcoming video for 'Looking at the records on my wall'.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Addison Groove! FACT mix! Footcrab Footcrab Footcrab!

I'm a shameless Addison Groove nut.  I could listen to this Juke stuff all day.  Same with Baile Funk, it's just got that 'catch' that hooks your ears.  

have struck gold again by showcasing a mix from Mr. Addison himself, the lucky devils.

"His FACT mix starts off in the 120-130bpm range and finishes at about 160, taking in Detroit Grand Pubahs, Mosca, Ramadanman, Rashad, DJ Spinn and Leatherface along the way. There’s also plenty of unreleased Addison Groove tracks, including ‘Footcrab VIP’."

(available for 3 weeks)

1 Dynamix ii – Just Give The DJ A Break
2 Detroit Grand PuBahs – Sandwiches
3 Submersible Machines – Cold Seep
4 Altered Natives – Crop Duster
5 Mosca – Square One – Julio Bashmore longhorn remix
6 Mosca – Nike
7 Girl Unit – Shade One
8 Ramadanman – Work Them
9 Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
10 Andrea Parker – Freaky Bitches
11 Addison Groove – Work It
12 Mr Dee – Time Space Scrilla
13 Addison Groove – Sexual
14 Rashad & Spinn – Transported
15 Rashad – Freakin Me On The flo
16 Leatherface – King Kong
17 Rashad – Get Down And Make Em Freak
18 Rashad – Drop Out Juke


Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Creators Project: United Visual Artists

United Visual Artists make dope light shows.  They've done stuff for Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers.  Saw the Daft Punk light show thing?  They do shit like that.

The stuff they make is actually sick, and I have a photo of myself with the 'Volume DV' one when it was in London, so bite me.

If you fancy culturally enriching your life, do check out .

Oh, I recommend too!

Rinse FM awarded FM Radio Licence


Big up Rinse.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mensah gives us a track... Brian Badonde Riddim!

Rising star has given the Get Low blog a hysterical Dubstep remix for you to have.  Sampling Facejacker, the tune's called...


(EDIT: When Mensah sent the tune to us, it was labelled 'Brain' rather than 'Brian'.  Now fixed.  D'oh!)

Kode 9 Fact Mix: Jungle tip!

 (available for 3 weeks)

Kode9 goes on a jungle tip for his mix for Fact this month.  Mostly 94-96 era Jungle I'm reliably told.  Go orrrrrrrrn!

1. Soundman & Don Lloyde with Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love
2. Lemon D – Manhatten Melody
3. Dope Style – You Must Think First
4. Nut Nut – Special Dedication
5. Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh
6. DJ SS – MA2 remix
7. 12-10 Series Mk 1 – All that Jazz
8. L Double featuring Bassman – Da Base too Dark
9. Urban Jungle – Back in the Daze
10. Sacred – Kall the Kops
11. Fusion Forum – Vintage Keys
12. Maldini – Def Roll
13. Bad Influence feat. DJ Rush Puppie – Time & Time

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Loefah mix on Rinse

Loefah did an incredible mix for Instra:Mental's Rinse show a few weeks back.  I love all this juke/classic electro shit.


footcrab vip - addison groove (dub)
tc - kryptic minds (dub)
tired light - instra:mental (darkestral)
beacon - ramadanman (dub)
claptrap - joe (hessle)
level crossing - joe (hessle)
tweaked - shortstuff - (dub)
IRL - girl unit -(night slugs)
work doc - addison groove (dub)
work it - addison groove (swamp 81)
hot raw sex - jimmy edger/instra:mental rmx (?)
battle scene - addison groove (dub)
sexual - addison groove (swamp 81)
woo vs glut - sx x ramadanman (dub)
work them - ramadanman (swamp 81)
glut - ramadanman (hemlock) 
fall short - ramadanman (swamp 81)
tempest - ramadanman (hemlock)
Because You - faltyDL (planet mu)
night hunter - fis t (serial 502)

Massive Mix!

He also gave away a track aaaaages ago on his Soundcloud, so here's another opportunity to download it.  It's s'alright.  One for the collectors.

Two coming Summer anthems

You'll be hearing no end of these two tunes this Summer.  The vocals don't make the track shit.  Whey!

Skream reckons this is the best tune on his coming album:

And to round up, here's a new Magnetic Man track.  It's called 'Mad', and you can download it, for free!  Woi!


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New Official Video for 'Baltimore Clap' by Benga

Cracking animation for Benga's new tune.

"Follow a hapless little chap on a terrifying journey through a cavernous clap factory..."

It's official too, being uploaded by the Tempa Youtube account.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

James Blake - CMYK

Apologies for blog content lightness, we've had exams.  Expect business as usual after we've recovered from a blinder of a week.  Garden Rave, Pow! LCR and Mansion Rave all killed it.  The fact that the biggest, and definitely the best nights in Norwich are run by students is remarkable.

Anyway, heard this ages ago and didn't think much of it.  A bit grainy for me.  Recently heard it on a big soundsystem, and the song sent shivers down my spine.  Your laptop speakers won't do it justice, so plug in some speakers proper.

This isn't the newest tune about.  Bite me.